Sony targets Live Anywhere with Station Launcher

Sony targets Live Anywhere with Station Launcher


Hot on the tails of Microsoft’s announcement about Live Anywhere, Sony seems to already have a service ready to go to rival Bill Gates and his latest solution. Station Launcher seems to have similar functionality, but you shouldn’t cast aside your fears of a Microsoft monopoly just yet, because by the sounds of things, Live Anywhere “sounds much stronger and much more mature.”

Station Launcher is said to consolidate your online gaming identity and presence, allowing you to chat with friends and download updates, previews, and more. It will almost certainly work with PC-based titles and the PS3, and there is a good chance that Station Launcher will be compatible with the handheld PSP as well.

It might be just me, but it seems that Sony is starting to lack in innovation and is simply grabbing onto the hottest parts of other company’s products. Case in point is the upcoming PlayStation 3, which has all of a sudden added motion-sensor like technology in its controllers (much like the Nintendo Wii), as well as having two-tier packages for its November release (much like the Xbox 360: Core vs. Premium).

In any case, Station Access is $21.99 a month until June 1st when they jack the rate up to $24.99 for each time you flip your calendar.