Samsung teams up with Irdeto for mobile content security

Samsung teams up with Irdeto for mobile content security


While mobile television may not be a super hot commodity in North America just yet, it is really starting to catch around the rest of the world and not just in Korea. European deployment of DMB and other technologies is in full swing, and it is important to service providers (and handset makers) to ensure that all the content is staying secure.

Samsung, Korea’s largest mobile phone manufacturer, has partnered up with Irdeto, “a world leader in content security”, for two main solutions: conditional access and digital rights management. Samsung has already worked with Irdeto in the past in developing the first CDMA and GSM handset with conditional mobile TV access, so this new agreement is basically an extension of a pre-existing relationship.

For the European launch of commercial mobile TV, Irdeto and Samsung are working closely with Debitel and Mobiles Fernsehen Deutschland (MFD), in addition to other projects focusing on satellite DMB, terrestrial DMB, and DVB-H.