Panasonic HDTV camcorders use SD memory cards

Panasonic HDTV camcorders use SD memory cards


Okay, you can stop jumping up and down now because this is nowhere near being retail ready at this point, but according to Panasonic, they’re hard at work trying to figure out to make an HDTV camcorder that can readily accept SD cards as media. There are already plenty of hard drive based video recorders out there, but no one has tried to record HDTV images onto the tiny postage stamp-sized media.

Of course, because the average consumer can’t get SD cards with a humungous amount of storage just yet, the video necessarily has to be compressed, so Panasonic is opting for the popular H.264 MPEG-4 codec for this project, complete with Dolby Digital audio. The end product, whenever it becomes available, will be able to record 1080i or 720p video directly onto secure digital cards.

As this is a “we’re working on it” kind of announcement, we can’t even begin to guess when SD-powered HDTV camcorders will start rolling off Panasonic’s lines.