Motorola cracks down on Korean RAZR clone

Motorola cracks down on Korean RAZR clone


It’s almost ironic that after all the knockoffs we’ve seen of just about every popular electronic device to ever hit the market – who hasn’t seen an iPod clone or twenty – Motorola has filed a lawsuit against KBT Mobile Company of Korea for pumping out clones of the popular Motorola RAZR line of mobile phones. I say, it’s about time.

They say that KBT was infringing on patents, trademarks and designs of the popular Motorola handset, but the drama is all but concluded now, because an agreement has been reached wherein KBT will discontinue all manufacturing and sales of the RAZR look-alikes, which KBT was peddling in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan as the V500.

Of course, you can still grab a lot of slim phones from another higher profile cell phone manufacturer that is also based out of Korea, one of which bears an uncanny resemblance to the Motorola RAZR, but unlike the KBT handset, isn’t quite as blatant, I suppose.