Mercedes readying special edition A-Class

Mercedes readying special edition A-Class


While the smallest and cheapest Mercedes Benz you can purchase in the United States is the C-Class, the company has two more levels of vehicles that are even more economical. To me, that might take a little away from the “luxury” image the company seems to exude, but they clearly know that there’s a huge market to capture with more affordable vehicles.

The B-class hatchback/wagon has started selling in Canada, but across the pond, Mercedes also offers the A-Class, a much smaller hatchback that seems to fit in the same market as the Honda Fit and Toyota Yaris over here. The A-Class also comes in a Special Edition now as well. Available in three- and five-door configurations, you get treated to 16-inch alloy wheels and a metallic paint finish.

Other highlights in the Special Edition include an aluminium interior trim pack and cruise control, in addition to some rather comfy cloth seats. The A150, A170, and A200 round up the gas sipping versions, with the A160 CDi and A180 CDi taking care of the diesel end of things. Prices range from £14,490 to £17,295 (about $27k to $33k USD).