Game Boy reaches end of the line, says Nintendo

Game Boy reaches end of the line, says Nintendo


It was a good run. The Game Boy is easily the most successful handheld gaming line to ever grace the shelves of electronics dealers, starting out as a bulky monochrome beast that children – myself, included – just couldn’t put down thanks largely to a simple title known only as Tetris. Well, over the years, we’ve seen updates to the series, include a pocket sized version, one that started to sport color cases, then eventually a color screen – the Game Boy Advance, the clamshell SP, and, most recently, the tiny Game Boy Micro.

After such a strong showing and incredible success all around the world, the people over at Nintendo seem to be finally bidding the Game Boy line adieu. Nothing’s been confirmed just yet, but president Satoru Iwata did seem to indicate that the Game Boy was dying off so that the company could focus their energies on the (currently) much more successful “touching is good” Nintendo DS. This way, they don’t “waste their resources”, so to speak, on the Game Boy Advance.

In fact, there were no Game Boy titles to be found on the floor of E3 this week. Thanks for the memories.