AVCHD is the latest in high definition video formats

AVCHD is the latest in high definition video formats


Here’s another acronym to add to your ever-growing glossary of technology terms. AVCHD is a new format based on the popular MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 codec designed to capture high definition video directly onto standard 8 centimeter DVDs. This new encoding format is being jointly developed by Sony and Matsushita, the latter of which is the parent company to Panasonic.

AVCHD is meant to be quite versatile in its applications, being able to handle quite a range of resolution and frame-rate combinations, including but not limited to 480i at 60fps at the low end, and 1080i at 50 or 60fps at the higher end of things. To add to the high definition video, AVCHD also supports full surround sound, including the ability to encode 5.1 AC-3 audio, as well as 7.1 channel linear PCM.

Of course, regular DVD players can only do 480p anyways, and most DVD players will need to get some special software to be able to read the AVCHD formatted content anyways.