2007 Opel Antara SUV is likely the next Saturn VUE

2007 Opel Antara SUV is likely the next Saturn VUE


Well, General Motors has just unveiled the all new 2007 Opel Antara crossover SUV, and in all likelihood, this vehicle – with some minor modifications, of course – will also double as the new Saturn VUE here in North America.

While its footprint is no larger than a mid-size sedan (4.57 x 1.85 x 1.70 meters), by putting in high ground clearance and a taller roof, they’ve squeezed in ample interior cargo (and people) space. The sporty contour seats give it a distinct sport utility feel, while the instruments, controls, and gauges are designed in a driver-oriented fashion. On the higher end techie side of things, you have the opportunity to make use of DVD navigation and wireless Bluetooth functionality.

Engine choices include a gasoline-powered 3.2L V6 for 224hp, a transversely mounted 2.4L four-cylinder gas engine for 141hp, and a 2.0L turbo diesel for 150hp. Being an SUV, intelligent four-wheel drive is a must, as well as ABS and ESP. No word on pricing, but expect the Antara (and VUE) to start shipping with the rest of the 07 models later this year.