Sony SZ laptops now available with Celeron and Core Solo

Sony SZ laptops now available with Celeron and Core Solo


Sony VAIO notebooks may not have the best reputation in the industry as far as bang for the buck, reliability, or high-powered graphics, but them laptops usually come with some pretty sleek designs and attractive battery lives. If the Core Duo versions of the company’s SZ series laptops are a little too rich for your blood, you’ll be happy to hear that Sony is now set to release renditions of the 13.3-inch notebooks with either Celeron or Core Solo processors.

There aren’t too many differences between the $1343 (and up) SZ81 and the $1486 (and up) SZ91, other than the fact that the latter comes with a thinner LCD (and hence, a slimmer profile overall) and an extra hour of battery life (about seven hours of Pentium-powered juice in the SZ91).

Features found on both notebooks include 512MB to 2GB of RAM, integrated 802.11a/b/g Wi-Fi, and PCMCIA/ExpressCard slots. Integrated graphics come standard, but you can also opt for a GeForce Go 7400 card instead. Other options include Bluetooth 2.0, FeliCa support, and a biometric fingerprint reader.