Samsung t509 thin candybar is only fifty bucks

Samsung t509 thin candybar is only fifty bucks


See, not all those juicy toys coming out of Korea have to be overpriced. Just because you can’t get your hands on Samsung’s UMPC – despite its hefty MSRP – doesn’t mean you can’t afford a piece of the ultra-thin and high-tech pie. The Samsung t509 is now available through T-Mobile for a miniscule fifty bucks, after the usual song and dance involving mail-in rebates, contracts, and the like.

The 0.4-inch thin candybar comes with a good smattering of features; tri-band connectivity and ready to make use of T-Mobile’s EDGE network for high speed data. There’s also a camera on-board (likely VGA) that comes with 4x digital zoom, Bluetooth connectivity to keep you wireless, and a number of pre-loaded IM clients (AOL, Yahoo! and ICQ) for your l33t-speaking convos.

Other features include speakerphone, a bunch of trademarked ringtones (“MegaTones” and “HiFi Ringers”, whatever that means), and your standard issue personal data things like a calendar, calculator, and alarm clock.