Pioneer car stereo rocks A2DP Bluetooth capabilities

Pioneer car stereo rocks A2DP Bluetooth capabilities


FM transmitters are not always the best choice for streaming audio from your MP3 player or musicphone, since the quality is usually quite bad. Sure, you could opt for a hardwire kit, but then you’d have to mess with a tricky installation. Well, Pioneer has come up with a solution to your woes with the new DEH-P810 Bluetooth-enabled head unit. Okay, so most MP3 players on the market don’t do Bluetooth just yet, but if you have a musicphone capable of A2DP, you’re in luck.

Regular Bluetooth-enabled phones can also take advantage of this new car deck, not only for the music functionality, but also for the ability to make and receive calls through your car speakers, just like all those higher-end cars on the market that come with integrated Bluetooth. I don’t see a microphone, so I certainly hope that they don’t require an external one.

No word on availability, but it looks like this might be a Japan-only release – at least for the time being – with an estimated street price in the $660 neighbourhood.