Dock-N-Talk brings mobile service home

Dock-N-Talk brings mobile service home


Dock-N-Talk Cellphone Docking Station is a device for people who only use their cellphone, but would like to keep the feeling of a home phone when not on the go.

It works by letting you use a regular phone to talk on your cellular service plan. All you do is setup the docking station somewhere in your home or office where the mobile signal is clear and then connect your phone to the station by Bluetooth (or, failing that, a cord). After that you can dial your regular phones and the calls will be connected to your cellular network. Your mobile phone gets charged while it is connected to the station, so whenever you want to head out you can just grab it and go. It means bigger phones and better reception in your house without having to pay for a landline.

The Dock-N-Talk is available for $139.99.