Cahubi’s PMP with GPS and 1GB internal memory

Cahubi’s PMP with GPS and 1GB internal memory


Korea really does seem like the land of all things electronic. Home to mobile phone giants like Samsung, LG, and Pantech, there is also no shortage of smaller companies there that produce a heck of a lot of products that we will never see here in North America, no matter how much we whine and beg. You may have never heard of CAHUBI before reading this, but their TN4300 is quite a nice personal media player, and it comes packed with a decent feature set.

For starters, you get a crisp 4.3-inch LCD display to watch a wide variety of audio and video formats. If the 1GB of internal memory isn’t enough for that long road trip you have planned in the summer – it probably won’t be – you can always make use of the SD expansion slot to load up more content. To keep you on the right track for the aforementioned road trip, you can make use of the integrated GPS navigation system (if your trip is in Korea, I suppose).

As with so many other juicy gadgets we hear about, there is as of yet no word regarding pricing or availability, but don’t get your hopes up about finding one of these in a Best Buy anytime soon.