Samsung goes even thinner with SGH-X820

Samsung goes even thinner with SGH-X820


When will the madness stop? Samsung just can’t be happy with having the world’s whatever this and the world’s whatever that. They’ve already established themselves as the company that wants to go as slim as technology can allow, but they just keep one upping themselves with new handsets every second day. The latest in their line of “world’s slimmest phones” is the SGH-X820, which measures in at a mere 6.9 mm of thickness. That’s just over a quarter of an inch.

Don’t ask me how, but they’ve still managed to shove in all the features you’ve come to expect from a cutting edge phone these days, including a 2 megapixel camera (that also does video), an integrated MP3 player, and Bluetooth connectivity. Maybe that somewhat unsightly hump on the back of the phone has a little something to do with that. Cheating? Yeah, just a little.

Look for the phone’s debut on May 10th at the Sviaz ExpoComm 2006 in Russia – that explains why the publicity shot has the Red Square in the background – as well as pricing information, we hope. Launches are expected this month in Europe and Russia, with China following suit next month.

World’s Slimmest Phone: Samsung SGH-X820
– GSM / GPRS (900 / 1800 / 1900MHz) + EDGE
– 2 Megapixel Camera
– Display: 1.9” 176×220 262K Color TFT
– Video Recording & Messaging (MPEG4 / H.263)
– MP3 / AAC / ACC+ / AAC+ (e) / WMA
– Digital Power Amp
– Bluetooth / USB / PictBridge
– Document Viewer / TV-output / Speakerphone / Off-line mode
– Memory: 80MB embedded
– Size: 113 x 50 x 6.9 mm
– Weight: 66g