Nintendo DS and GBA to get new Tom and Jerry game

Nintendo DS and GBA to get new Tom and Jerry game


Sometimes lost in the mix of Halo and Metal Gear Solid are a few family friendly gems that don’t involve huge guns and heavy explosives. Instead, you find an oversized mallet and a mousetrap. You see, Tom and Jerry, the perennial cat and mouse team, are heading to the Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance in Tom and Jerry Tales.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has teamed up with Eidos for this production, which was developed by Sensory Sweep Studios. No screenshots or in-depth details are available at this time, but they are hinting at “classic high jinx” and “vast and colourful environments.”

As expected, if you take on the persona of Jerry the mouse, you sweep around the kitchen and other areas as you avoid Tom the cat and a plethora of other obstacles, traps, and the like. Presumably, the goal is to make it back to the safety of your mousehole.

Tom and Jerry Tales is scheduled for release in the fall.