Mobile Evolution merchant payment software for cell phones

Mobile Evolution merchant payment software for cell phones


With the launch of services like PayPal Mobile, the revolution has started with the ability to exchange funds using a handy little gadget that just about everyone has nowadays: the cell phone. Well, from the merchant side of things comes a company known as Mobile Evolution, which is offering a service that allows retailers to accept credit card payments no matter where they are.

Designed with trade show booth vendors, door to door salespeople, and street kiosk retailers in mind, Mobile Evolution’s service can take a customer’s credit card and accept payment without the need for a card swiper or any other extra equipment. Address and identity are verified using the client’s zip code and comes backed with the same assurances as standard credit card authorities like Visa and MasterCard.

This way, customers do not need to sign up for any kind of service themselves (like how they do with PayPal Mobile, for example) and can use their regular credit cards with no extra hassle. The rates for this solution start at 2.99% on the merchant side of things. For more information, check out Mobile Evolution’s official website.