Final Fantasy Agito XIII for your cell phone

Final Fantasy Agito XIII for your cell phone


E3 has officially opened its doors for 2006, and the news is sure to start pouring in fast and furious. We heard about the “new” controller for the PlayStation 3, but let’s not let that overshadow the news coming out of Square Enix. They have a few tricks up their sleeves, one of which is destined for the small screen. You see, the game developer is working on Final Fantasy Agito XIII, a mobile game for your cell phone.

In true teaser form, they’re not giving us much information about the game other than the fact that they’re planning on making it. From what we can tease out, FF Agito XIII is designed to be a prequel of sorts for Final Fantasy XIII (proper), the highly anticipated adventure which is heading to the PlayStation 3 at some point.

I’ve always wondered, though, if it is in the “final fantasy”, how can there be no fewer than thirteen iterations in the series?