Citizens object to French governments bill on copyrighted files

Citizens object to French governments bill on copyrighted files


This almost seems a little strange to me, because I already thought that illegal downloading was, well, illegal, but it seems that the French Senate is debating a bill that would ban the unauthorized downloading of copyrighted files.

The public doesn’t seem to be very accepting of this turn of events: demonstrators came to protest the proposed law, with 300 laying a wreath “in memory of private copying and free software in France” near the Parisian culture and communications ministry. The draft being tossed around would call for fines as high as 150 euros for each offence.

The demonstrators were also upset with the proposed law that would do away with DRM, or digital rights management. If you’ve been following the drama over the course of the past couple of months, you’d know that the French government wants to force companies like Apple to remove the DRM from content downloaded from the iTunes Music Store so that the songs can be used on players other than those made by Apple. The same would apply to similar services and devices offered by Sony, Microsoft, and others.