Vodafone and T-Mobile cut European roaming charges

Vodafone and T-Mobile cut European roaming charges


It’s just got a lot cheaper for Europeans to use their phones while traveling through their continent and in North America. The European Commission has been pressuring mobile providers to cut roaming charges for their customers to mirror the open borders of Europe. Giants T-Mobile and Vodafone have caved in to that pressure.

T-Mobile has announced a new service in which they will charge British subscribers a flat rate of 55 pence (about $1, or 80 euro cents) per minute to make and receive calls in 29 countries in Europe as well as Canada and the U.S. The service will be available in June.

Vodafone is slashing prices even further. Their European customers will pay less than 55 euro cents per minute anywhere in Europe. That compares favorably to the 90 euro cents per minute that the service costs on average now. They will also lower their wholesale rates, promising that resellers won’t pay more than 45 euro cents per minute. Those rates will be in place by October.