Lexus LF-A supercar receives upgrades

Lexus LF-A supercar receives upgrades


Ever since the Supra left the company’s lineup, many auto enthusiasts have been itching for another supercar from Toyota to no avail. Well, the wait seems to be coming to a close pretty soon, but interestingly, the new LF-A supercar will be badged as a Lexus, the company’s luxury brand. Nonetheless, it will still receive all the go fast goodies to get your adrenaline pumping. In fact, Toyota has just announced a number of upgrades to the LF-A.

For starters, they’re adhering to the old adage – there’s no replacement for displacement – and upping the 4.8L V10 engine to a full 5.0 litres. This revised powerplant will put 500 horses under your control, topping out at around 200mph. In addition, the aluminium chassis has been discarded in favour of a carbon fibre version instead.

The Lexus LF-A, weighing in at 2600 pounds, is said to be the “most luxurious, best handling and safest supercar ever.” Look for the hot ride to make its debut as a pace car in the 2007 Japanese Grand Prix.