Fujitsu F702id clamshell with dual megapixel cameras

Fujitsu F702id clamshell with dual megapixel cameras


At first glance, the Fujitsu F702id looks like your run of the mill chunky flip phone, complete with sharp edges (instead of smooth curves). Maybe so, but it does sport a decent feature set that deserves a second glance. For starters, there are a pair of cameras on board: a 1.28 megapixel shooter for your primary functions, and a secondary 1.1 megapixel camera presumably for video telephony.

Keeping everything secure is easy thanks to the biometric fingerprint sensor. Of course the 2.2-inch TFT LCD display does the full color thing, but so does the phone chassis itself. Sure, you could opt for a boring black or an “I want an iPod” white, but wouldn’t you much rather stand out a bit with the pink or gold versions?

Weighing in a 114 grams, measuring 98 x 51 x 33mm, and sporting USB connectivity, there has yet to be any announcement regarding pricing or availability (in the States, anyways).