Car seat aims to lessen collision injuries

Car seat aims to lessen collision injuries


A new car seat can help cut down on collision injuries.

The auto-tilting car seat is the product of American Ergonomics, makers of the Ergomax office chair, and uses the company’s Counter-Balanced Motion technology. After a large series of tests involving dummies (not real people like some other manufacturers), the company has predicted that the CBM seat could reduce head injuries by 30 percent and leg injuries by 70 percent.

The CBM seat keeps the head from being thrown forward into the windshield while also folding the legs underneath the person a bit, working in harmony with the safety belt. In addition, the time to impact for the face into the airbag is expanded. The final result is, the company believes, higher safety standards.

Photos below show the finished CBM seat built for testing for Daimler Chrysler, Mercedes in Stuttgart Germany. According to the seat’s designer, “One seat (pictured below left) is in the normal driving position and the other tilted (pictured below right) as it would automatically increase the containment angle in a frontal collision. For comfort, the seat adjusts to an occupant’s posture change to positions in between the photos shown. The stable, gentle motion of the CBM Seat responds to occupants’ motion providing comfort and in a crash situation will instantly move to the most tilted position to save the body. This is how the CBM Seat serves both comfort and safety.”