Apple patents voice-responding iPod

Apple patents voice-responding iPod


The last thing you should be doing when you’re changing lanes in traffic is looking down at your iPod to load the next playlist. Yet we know that you are a party to such behavior. Some of us here are too.

Well, Apple has come to our rescue. The iPod maker has filed for a patent for a voice-responding iPod. You scroll through the eponymous MP3 player—just like you— except that it talks back, telling you what it’s doing. Once you hear the song or podcast that you’re looking for, just press the play button and you’re back to listening.

You’ll have to be intimately familiar with the scroll wheel and the placement of the buttons on the face of the iPod, but you probably are already or can adapt with little practice. You’ll definitely appreciate this new functionality, on the road and elsewhere. And it probably goes without saying that this is likely the first step toward a full-on speaking iPod.