Two hot new products: Nintendo DS Lite and Super Mario Bros.

Two hot new products: Nintendo DS Lite and Super Mario Bros.


You know you’ve been waiting for a juxtaposition like this. Nintendo DS Lite, available now overseas and in a few weeks here in the States, will have as one of its first hot new products Super Mario Bros.

That’s right, the Mushroom Kingdom is waiting for you, and so is the new Nintendo DS.

The DS Lite comes in a trim white color and has a raised DS logo on the cover. Inside is a smaller version of the best-selling Nintendo DS, two-thirds the size and 20 percent lighter. You get two bright screens that are adaptable to varied lighting conditions, a centralized microphone, and a longer and thicker stylus than the original. You’ll also have access to the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection, the company’s wireless gaming service that allows head-to-head play in a variety of gaming environments.

Super Mario Bros. is certainly one of the highlights of the new Nintendo DS Lite line. Other titles to follow in the coming weeks include Big Brain Academy and the equally challenging Sudoku Gridmaster.

The Nintendo DS Lite will be available in the U.S. on June 11 and will sell for US$129.99.