Patent filed for 250 mpg hybrid

Patent filed for 250 mpg hybrid


Looking for better gas mileage? How about 250 miles per gallon? AFS Trinity Power Corporation has filed a patent for an Extreme Hybrid, or XH, capable of 250 mpg on gasoline or ethanol. The car would plug into a standard electrical outlet and could go 40 miles without any gas at all. That’s as far as the average person drives in a day.

The performance of the vehicle is centered around Fast Energy Storage technology. This includes ultracapacitors, controllers and power electronics which allow the XH to exceed the range and performance of existing cars. Even when running off battery power the car promises speed and acceleration that makes highway travel safe.

“To recharge the Extreme Hybrid for your daily driving you will need to plug in your car to house current every night, but the average American will only have to fill up with gasoline or ethanol once every 10 weeks or so unless they take a longer trip.” AFS Trinity CEO Edward W. Furia said.

AFS suggests that the XH is the first hybrid that saves enough money to offset its higher purchase price. By their math, a typical owner after 5 years would be ahead $11,000, or $22,000 after 10 years.