Intel unveils their own third world laptop

Intel unveils their own third world laptop


Pretty soon everyone will have created their own version of the perfect computer for the third world. After the $100 laptop and Bill Gates’ heated rebuttal, Intel is the next to offer their own vision. Their “Eduwise” notebook, sounding like a brand from the 80’s, is wireless enabled and targeted towards educational uses. It can run either Windows or Linux and has a wireless stylus and software that lets students and teachers work together for better learning. A handle makes it easily portable, which would indicate that it is probably pretty durable, too.

Beyond that Intel is pretty scarce with the details, so we likely won’t see this on the shelf any time soon. One thing we do know, though, is that the Eduwise can run off the shelf software that can be added as needed. That will be a crucial point for critics of the $100 laptop, who complained that it didn’t allow for new software and ran on an old and slow processor.

So the answer is yes, to all the kids in the third world, you will finally get to play Quake. Because we here in North America know how important it is for you to have a computer, and lets not forget to mention food and clean water.