Opera Mini 2.0 now available

Opera Mini 2.0 now available


Opera has updated their mobile browser with the release of Opera Mini 2.0. The application is now available for download to mobile users and will enhance your web viewing while on a portable device, especially for those with slower mobile connections or less fancy phones who want a fast and simple browser.

They’ve added a bunch of functionality to the newest version. A range of SMS functionality; called Browser-to-SMS, so that you can use it to buy things via the browser, or have games, ringtones or other content. The content is delivered to your phone as an SMS. You can also now use the browser for file downloads, use multiple search engines, access bookmarks more quickly with “speed dialing”, and navigate visually (though what exactly that means is unclear). You can use skins to personalize the browsing experience.

The point of this new version isn’t to change the world, but simply to improve the mobile browsing experience, and do it on non-smart phones, too.