A Hungarian supercar? The Brokernet Silver Sting

A Hungarian supercar? The Brokernet Silver Sting


Can you name anything that is made in Hungary? The Brokernet Silver Sting is hoping to change that. It’s the latest entry in the race to create the perfect supercar and a pretty darned nice looking one, too.

They intend to prove that even a Central European country that has no connection at all to cars in most people’s minds can create a work of art on wheels. It might not be perfect yet, and may need a bit of refinement before it is ready for worldwide consumption, but it’s probably the best Hungarian supercar you can think of off the top of your head.

The car popped into the mind of Hungarian racer and car fiend Kalman Bodis seven years ago, but was only unveiled last weekend at the first Budapest luxury car show. Under the hood is a Porsche 911 GT3 3.6 liter engine and a flat-six drive train that kicks out 437 horsepower. The Porsche connection makes sense because the German company has a manufacturing plant in Hungary. Bodis plans to race his creation soon.