Logitech portable HDD is sort of rugged

Logitech portable HDD is sort of rugged


Ok, this isn’t anything to wet your pants over, but it does give you another option when it comes to looking for a means of storing your files and media on the go. Logitech Japan (not the same one we know here) is set to release the LHD-PW40U2 – rolls right off the tongue, doesn’t it? – portable hard drive wrapped in a shock resistant case.

Don’t go throwing this thing across the office from cubicle to cubicle just yet, because although they say that this is “semi-rugged”, it can reportedly only withstand drops of up to 50cm (a little less than 2 feet). What this means is that a drop from your desktop is already pushing its limits. The 40GB of storage isn’t the biggest by any stretch of the imagination, but adequate for some people.

The up side is that you get to select from three different colors to suit your personality: white, black, or baby blue. Logitech is taking pre-orders now, with an official asking price for this Windows/Mac compatible device set at $70.