Color-changing silicone cases for iPod nano

Color-changing silicone cases for iPod nano


With the Apple iPod as popular as it is, and no sign of slowing down, it’s tough to get by a news day without some announcement of a new accessory, or the rumblings of some new rumour about the “real” iPod Video. Today is no different, because you can now get your hands on a silicone case for your Nano. “So what?” you may ask… well, this silicone case changes color based on the ambient temperature.

The color change isn’t super dramatic, because each case is only capable of two colors (unless you include the hues in between). They provide the same anti-scratch protection as other thin, flexible silicone cases on the market, but add in a little bit of novelty to the mix. You can choose from pink, blue, or charcoal varieties, all of which fade to white as their opposing tone.

Available now through for $20 a pop with lifetime warranty.