Belkin releases a new batch of 802.11n draft-spec goodies

Belkin releases a new batch of 802.11n draft-spec goodies


It seems that companies are tired of waiting around for the IEEE to ratify the 802.11n standard, so in the meantime, just about every company that produces wireless networking gear is jumping the gun, as it were. Well, the good people of Belkin are unleashing their new N1 line of goodies based on 802.11n draft spec. What sets this batch apart is the Atheros XSPAN chipset you’ll find under the hood.

While experts are warning against jumping onto the N bandwagon just yet, with these prices, you may seriously be tempted to pick up draft spec gear instead of ratified G-spec units.

The Belkin N1 Wireless line includes:
– Router (F5D8231-4) – $149.99
– Notebook Card (F5D8011) – $99.99
– Desktop Card (F5D8001) – $119.99
– USB Adapter Card (F5D8051) – Available Q3 2006

They’re marketing the N1 line for its ability to handle multi-tasking, including activities like streaming HD video, playing online games, and handling multiple VoIP voice calls. Interestingly, they also mention high-demand tasks like email and chat.