Sophisticated scheme results in fake NEC devices

Sophisticated scheme results in fake NEC devices


Having cheap rip off devices is nothing new, with companies in China pumping them out like there’s no tomorrow, but the scheme that NEC fell victim to is a different beast altogether. An organized group from Japan, China and Taiwan got together and convinced several manufacturers that they were officials from NEC Corporation, getting them to build NEC-branded devices that they could in turn peddle in the marketplace.

The Chinese and Taiwanese factories believed them, and started manufacturing a wide variety of pirated products, from MP3 players to home theatre equipment, producing 50 different items in all. These were not cheaply assembled or anything of the sort as they fully expected these gadgets to be true NEC product. They were “of generally good quality” according to the real NEC, as these were duplicate versions of the legitimate product.

Apparently, this ring had been in operation since at least 2004, but NEC has only recently gone public with the details as they have been performing an internal investigation to get to the bottom of things. Makes you second guess those bargain basement “real” devices you find on eBay, huh?