G-Flash Metal MP3 player preloaded with Toni Braxton

G-Flash Metal MP3 player preloaded with Toni Braxton


Another day, another MP3 player. This time we get news from Maxfield of Germany. The electronics maker is set to release the G-Flash Metal MP3 player, seemingly designed as the antithesis of all those plasticky music players on the market. Feature-wise, this sounds your standard run of the mill portable audio player.

Format support seems limited to MP3 and WMA files, so all you Ogg Vorbis lovers will have to go elsewhere, as will PlaysForSure fans. There’s no internal rechargeable battery, which is either a plus or minus depending on your perspective on things, because the G-Flash Metal takes its power from a single AAA battery instead for up to 18 hours of music playing enjoyment.

Based on the picture, controls have been kept simple, as has the non-full color display. Available in 1GB and 2GB capacities, the Maxfield G-Flash Metal comes preloaded with Toni Braxton’s “Libra” album to get you started. No word on pricing.