Stony PSP gets pre-loaded with games

Stony PSP gets pre-loaded with games


You’ve got to be pretty stoned to even think that this device has any direct relation to the portable gaming machine coming off of Sony’s assembly lines. The “Stony” obviously takes its design cues from the PSP, but is far from achieving the same kind of market penetration and build quality. No, it won’t play your PSP games (not directly anyways), but it does come pre-loaded with 30 titles of its own.

Like the PSP, the Stony also functions as a multimedia device, with the ability to play back your MP3 or WMA format tunes, as well as unspecified codecs of videos. The display is of the 2 million pixel variety, and there is 256MB of internal memory to be, er, enjoyed. You can also shove in SD or MMC cards for extra storage.

No word on pricing or availability, but I think that I’m just going to, as it were, puff, puff, pass.