Pocket Bible 3 for Pocket PCs

Pocket Bible 3 for Pocket PCs


“Bible study is cumulative. The ability to keep track of what you learn is integral to improving your understanding of the Bible,” said Laridian President Craig Rairdin. The company has recently announced Pocket Bible 3 designed for Windows Mobile-based Pocket PC devices. This isn’t just your standard issue e-book, because they’ve packed in a smattering of features that make studying the Bible just a touch easier.

Most notably is the ability to highlight the text in 16 different colors, allowing you to zoom in on key passages and definitions. Not only do you get the original scriptures, but thanks to the Continuous text feature, you can skip page and chapter breaks, as well as dividing the books into “sections like Bibles, commentaries, and dictionaries.” Bookmarks help with your daily reading.

Laridian isn’t charging too much of a premium for this functionality either, with the new version of Pocket Bible 3, complete with WM5 soft-key support, retailing for $10.