Parnelli Jones limited edition Mustang tuned by Saleen

Parnelli Jones limited edition Mustang tuned by Saleen


There is no shortage of special edition Mustangs, a few of which made their rounds in the latest season of car shows, but rightfully so, given the long heritage behind the stallion’s namesake. Here’s yet another limited edition Stang for you to drool over, but this one is just a little more special, because it’s endorsed by American racing legend Parnelli Jones.

He’s lent his name to this limited edition Mustang, which is tuned and dressed up by the good people over at Saleen. The 5.0L V8 has been juiced up to a roaring 370 horses and the same number of lbs-ft of torque. A special exhaust system is in place as well, but the aesthetics will certainly get your juices running as well.

Painted in a unique “Grabber Orange” with black striping, and sporting a matte black rear spoiler, hood scoop, and slatted rear window cover, this beast certainly has a distinct 1970s feel to it, the same era as Parnelli’s heyday.

Look for this special edition muscle car – limited to 500 units – to start shipping in September for about $55,000.