Mobile iPod DJ turntables – 4 iPods at once

Mobile iPod DJ turntables – 4 iPods at once


I’m pretty sure I’m not cool enough to be a DJ, maybe its the grey hair. If I were, though, I think that I’d totally be into the new Mobile iPod DJ mixer from ipodj. It is a 4 iPod DJ controller. That means you can simultaneously draw songs from 4 iPods for your mixing and playing pleasure. It’s not just playback, though. You can use the clickwheel for all your scratching fun. Sure its smaller than the normal scratching set up, but it works.

Instead of having to carry around big speakers with you everywhere you go, this controller incorporates FM transmitters like an iTrip so that you can send your handiwork directly to nearby car stereos or boomboxes. They can even include a WiFi transmitter so that you can send your music worldwide.

The advantages of such a system are obvious. You don’t have to cart around tons of vinyl everywhere you go if you want to rock out. Use your iPod and borrow three from friends and you can have all the fun you could want. No word on availability of this concept as of yet.