Kodak gold discs promise lifetime of data preservation

Kodak gold discs promise lifetime of data preservation


Kodak is reasserting itself as the photo preservation specialists.

The company that once was synonymous with still-shot cameras and film of all manners has helped pioneer the digital revolution, marketing digital cameras and video cams and storage methods for those new-age images. And now Kodak is making a play for your long-term memories as well.

The recently released Preservation CD-R and DVD-R are products that emphasize longevity, offering you what the company says is a “lifetime of memories.” The discs are made of a reflective layer of 24-karat gold. In addition to being pretty and slightly valuable, these gold discs are much better than those paltry silver discs that you have on your shelf, because the gold ones prevent oxidation, which is the real enemy of discs anyway.

The CD-R is manufactured to preserve data for 300 years. The DVD-R boasts a 100-year preservation capability. Both versions were tested using accelerated aging techniques, in case you were wondering when exactly Kodak began making these babies. They also come with a scratch-resistant coating that keeps out heat and light pollution and a long-life dye embedded in the storage layer.

The CD-R, which stores up to 700MB, can be had now for US$5. That’s the price for each one, yes; but the amortized fee over a 300-year period works out to fractions of a penny. You can get a DVD-R for US$6. That disc can store up to 4.7GB.