Helio makes mobile gaming a gift

Helio makes mobile gaming a gift


Playing video games on your cell phone has come a long way since the days of the perennial “Snake” title found on just about every old school Nokia and Ericsson handset. If we cast Helio’s start up woes aside for just a moment, you will see that the company is trying to do something a little different with their 3G wireless service, catering to a generation of gamers.

For starters, there are a wide range of titles available, from puzzles and RPGs to shooters and racing games. What’s more, they even offer multiplayer games as well, from such publishers as EA Mobile, Airborne Entertainment, Gameloft, Glu Mobile, and THQ Wireless.

The community tool is a welcome change, allowing users to discuss their newfound video gaming gems as well as share them. That’s right, you can send a game that you’ve purchased as a “gift” to another user, or alternatively, beg members of the community to send you a “gift” of a particular title. They’ve also installed a “try before you buy” sort of set up that allows you to “rent” a game before doing a full-on purchase.

Helio LLC CEO Sky Dayton said, “Between gifting, begging and renting, the Helio game service gives true gamers everything they need for a complete mobile gaming experience.”