GyroBike keeps young cyclists upright, balanced

GyroBike keeps young cyclists upright, balanced


No more training wheels.

The GyroBike, invented by a group of students at Dartmouth University, can keep kids from falling off their bikes while also teaching them balance.

It’s a gyroscope-flywheel that you can fasten on to the front wheel of any bike and that makes adjustments for sudden balance loss. So when the trike tyke upgrades to a bike, he will still have a third wheel of sorts.

Specifically, the rotating flywheel senses when a child leans too far to one side and turns the front wheel in the direction of the fall. This movement pushes the bike under the rider, correcting the imbalance and keeping both bike and rider upright.

Company officials say that the device helps children lose balance as well, something that training wheels don’t do. The urge to turn the handlebars away from the direction you are falling is too strong, even in adults; and the result is certain pavement time. But the GyroBike reinforces the idea that turning the wheel in the same direction that you are falling helps you stay upright.

Initial sale price is US$39.