Chinese-made Ferrari clone spotted

Chinese-made Ferrari clone spotted


And so the stereotype continues. China seems to be the birthplace of all things fake these days. There are countless music players out there that bear a striking resemblance, at least aesthetically, to the Apple iPod line. We’ve seen the launch of a service known as RedBerry that makes no hesitation to acknowledge, even promote its similarity to Research in Motion’s BlackBerry line.

Now, we turn to the world of automobiles to find much of the same. Chinese automakers are essentially unknown outside of their home country, partly due to shady manufacturing, and largely due to politics. Well, they’ve managed to turn their eyes to the red hot Ferrari brand, and made a clone for less than 1/10th the price of the real thing.

It turns out the counterfeiters have thrown together a mock Ferrari – no, not just a model, a real working vehicle (at least for the time being. Who knows what kind of craftsmanship went into this thing?) – that can be had for about $10,000. And FYI, that’s a real Enzo pictured here.