Vonage gets WiFi coverage for WiFi phones in UK

Vonage gets WiFi coverage for WiFi phones in UK


Vonage has teamed up with The Cloud, a WiFi hotspot provider in the UK, to allow Vonage subscribers to make free calls from hotspots using a WiFi enabled handset.

As long as customers are within range of The Cloud service, Vonage users won’t have to pay anything extra to call landlines beyond their regular monthly fee with their UTStarcom F1000. When the user wanders out of an area covered by a hotspot the call will be dropped. “It’s really a wake-up call for the telecoms market. It’s saying there’s really a much better, cheaper way of making calls,” said Vonage Managing Director Kerry Ritz.

The Cloud has nine hotspots in UK cities, including central London and the Canary Wharf financial district. They also have a presence in airports and major railway stations in the country.

One possible drawback for consumers is the handset. Though it is reasonably priced at about $145, it’s on the large side compared to mobile phones, which will inhibit the ultra-cool from adopting.