Automatic volume adjustment from RIM

Automatic volume adjustment from RIM


A patent application from our good friends over at Research in Motion, the makers of the popular BlackBerry, shows how they are working on a technology that would allow the volume on your calls to be automatically adjusted according to the background noise and other potential factors.

What this means is that if the handset recognizes that you’re in the middle of Yankee Stadium during the playoff race, it’ll raise the volume so you can actually hear the other person the line, and conversely if you’re in a library… well, you shouldn’t be on the phone anyways.

Not exactly a groundbreaking idea, but oftentimes the simplest solutions are the best ones, and I would not be opposed to a phone that had this capability built into it. Don’t ask me exactly how it works (I’m a big picture kind of guy). Look at the schematic and figure it out for yourself.