Aston Martin DB9 now with Sports Pack

Aston Martin DB9 now with Sports Pack


It’s not every day that you see an Aston Martin DB9 rolling through the streets unless they’re doing a shoot for the next James Bond flick. But, if that isn’t enough for you to stand out from the crowd, you will soon be able to customize your high-end coupe with a factory-installed Sports Pack.

These aren’t just cosmetic changes you’ll be paying for. You could easily go to West Coast Customs or Unique Autosports for things like that. Instead, you actually get functional upgrades that will make your ride faster and corner better. For starters, the new five-spoke alloy wheels are a kilogram less each, in addition to a swap to titanium wheel nuts. Unsprung weight improves grip and steering response.

The suspension gets a noticeable change in the springs, which are stiffer and lower the ride height by 6mm. And finally, you’ll find an aluminium undertray in place of the standard composite material one, said to improve structural rigidity.

We know that the Sports Pack will start being offered in July, but they haven’t announced the pricing of this add-on package just yet.