Ultraman battles his way to the PSP

Ultraman battles his way to the PSP


Ultraman is a cultural icon in Japan, and has been for many years now. There is no shortage of memorabilia that you can pick up featuring his silver visage, from toys and lunchboxes to DVDs and video games. We’ve already seen three incarnations of the Ultraman Fighting Evolution series on the Sony PlayStation 2, but now the popular superhero is finally heading to the small screen of the Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP).

It appears that this will be a prequel of sorts, as it is titled Fighting Evolution Zero, but it’s not the story that will keep you button mashing and staring at your PSP for hours on end. Rather it will be the gameplay, which remains relatively unchanged from the game’s PS2 brethren. Character selection isn’t huge by today’s standards, as there will only be six Ultramen in this title, including Ultraman Ace, Ultraman Seven, and newcomer Ultraman Mebius.

You’ll need to turn to the importers to get your hands on a copy from Japan (to be launched in July), however, because they have no plans for a North American release.