The Office Games for your mobile

The Office Games for your mobile


The Office started as a British comedy, but then NBC picked it up, Americanized it, and made it a huge success here in North America. The show certainly got a huge boost after its star, Steve Carrell, took the world by storm with The 40 Year Old Virgin, and now you take the quiet, irreverent humor with you in The Office Games for mobile phones.

According to Indiagames, this title will capture the “petty behaviour and zero productivity” that the television show is known for. You’ll be thrown into Scranton, PA, be stuck at your desk like the rest of the Dunder Mifflin employees, bored out of your mind. So, of course you do what any good worker would do: distract yourself with mindless timewasters.

The Office Games are essentially a series of mini games, from Wasteketball (basketball with a wastepaper basket) to table-top golf. The suite of mini games will be great for you to distract yourself as you sit at your real-life cubicle, leading “to diminished productivity in offices across North America,” according to Universal Mobile Entertainment senior vice president Jeremy Laws.