Sony-Ericsson W950i Walkman smartphone has 4GB

Sony-Ericsson W950i Walkman smartphone has 4GB


It seems that these Walkman phones from Sony Ericsson are pretty hot items, being true “music” phones and all, but the upcoming W950i candybar takes the functionality to a whole new level. In addition to the 4GB of on-board flash memory and the built-in RDS-enabled FM tuner, you’ll also find smartphone-like features as well.

Listening to the music is all well and good, but when business needs to be done, you can also flip on over to the applications found in this device, including the Opera web browser, QuickOffice, PDF, and an onslaught of personal info management stuff. Of course, it won’t be up to snuff for those of you who are hell bent on having a full QWERTY keyboard, but for the casual user, you can just make use of T9 and the onscreen handwriting recognition.

Look for the A2DP-enabled Bluetooth W950i to start shipping in July with an estimated street price of about $740.