M-Cody MX-500 flash-based MP3 player with infrared

M-Cody MX-500 flash-based MP3 player with infrared


Here’s another MP3 player for you to consider among the never-ending onslaught of devices that just about every electronics maker is pumping out these days. This time we turn to Median, the company that will be releasing the M-Cody MX-500 before the end of the month. One of the things that will set this device apart from its competition is the built-in infrared capability that allows it to double as a remote control.

The rest of the features sound like just about every other basic flash-based music player out there, including an OLED display, FM tuner (including direct recording), voice recorder, and a text viewer. I do like how the USB connector is integrated into the device, but is in a slide-out form factor. No more losing caps! It’ll tackle the usual WMA and MP3 files, but will also support Ogg Vorbis as well.

No word on pricing, but we do know that you can get your hands on a M-Cody MX-500 in 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, and 2GB flavours.