Expert says don’t go 802.11n just yet

Expert says don’t go 802.11n just yet


Whenever a new wireless standard presents itself in the marketplace, everyone is just itching to plunge into the high speed goodness that it offers. It was true when we first heard of 802.11g so many moons ago, and the same applies now as we are on the cusp of official 802.11n products.

We’ve already seen routers and things from Buffalo, Belkin, D-Link and Netgear that adhere to 802.11n draft spec, but because the standard has not yet been ratified (i.e., made official, or “standard”, as it were) by the IEEE, these early devices may not be compatible with devices based on the finalized N standard. Of course, if you have the money to blow, you can use these draft spec devices now and buy the real deal whenever 802.11n goes official.

It certainly is tempting, with promises of 12x faster data speeds and 4x better range compared to 802.11g, but personally, I’m going to hold off for now too. My internet connection is only 1.5 Mbits, having a 100 Mbit wireless connection seems like overkill to me.