Seagrand EZ-6 plays music, rips CDs onto SD cards

Seagrand EZ-6 plays music, rips CDs onto SD cards


You don’t need a full-fledged computer to be able to rip your huge CD collection, because the Seagrand EZ-6 MP3 CD player can take your entire library and put those treasured tunes onto SD cards for you. You even get to select your bit rate, from 64kbps for high storage capacity, right up to 256 kbps for the extra good quality audio (128, 192, and 224 kbps are also available).

While the primary allure of the EZ-6 is its ability to directly rip compact discs, it can also double as a portable music player, playing MP3s burned onto your blank media. The backlit LCD display isn’t anything spectacular but it serves its purpose quite well. Too bad this thing is a little too beefy, weighing in at 600 grams and measuring 145 x 154 x 43.4 mm, and despite the four AAA batteries it demands, you will only get 80 minutes of playback or 60 minutes of recording time.

The Seagrand EZ-6 will be priced at $170 USD when it hits the streets of Japan May 2nd.